Terms and Conditions

While booking a tour with us, we genuinely suggest you to read the following Terms and Conditions and be aware of the pre-requisites that you need to know or follow or prepare prior the trip. Upon registering a trip with us, you automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions.


 International ID and Visa

You need to have a valid passport of at least 6 months so that you can manage any unexpected events during your trip. For the Nepal visa, you can acquire from Nepal Embassy or you can get further details from the Nepal Visa company.


Cancellation of a visit by the company

Our trip or expedition will be postponed or cancelled upon the circumstances like strike, seasonal extremities, natural catastrophic, sickness of staffs, flight cancellation, etc. Upon such condition, your trip or expedition will be cancelled and your deposit will be refunded by excluding the cost spent for the preparation of the trip.


 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is necessary for all clients undertaking any visit. It ought to give sufficient assurance to the full length of the visit to cover individual injury, demise, medical charges, repatriation costs, helicopter save, air ambulance and satisfactory cover for baggage.



Every trip you want to accomplish in Nepal requires a sound level of fitness. So, you should check your body and health status with a GP before you arrive in Nepal. It is the customer's duty to inform us of any previous medical condition as well as incapacity that may be relied upon to build the danger of you required medical attention that may influence your capacity to travel.



A lawful guardian must be with all travelers less than sixteen years old. On the off chance that you have a question with respect to age, please get in touch with us for additional information.



While booking a trip with us, you need to share some of your personal details with us solely for organizational purpose. No private or individual information that you share with us while making a booking will be revealed for whatever other purposes.



In case if you have any complaints regarding our service or anything else, you can advise the manager, team leader or any other staffs who will take appropriate action to help you.


 Acknowledgment of Risks

We are completely accountable of the best service by fulfilling our obligations genuinely by making your trip all adventurous and full of memories. But, we will not be in charge of such hazards and risks like floods, avalanches, political instability, or other calamities. We have some of the bravest staffs, so we attempt to ensure your wellbeing first, however, in the event that sometimes like catastrophic events/accidents happen, we won't be responsible of such risks.

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