Kathmandu Valley Tour Package

Kathmandu Valley Tour Package


Kathmandu Valley used to be the ancient home of many important ruling dynasties in the history of Nepal. Divided into three cities, namely Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, these cities were ruled by the Mallas and other dynasties. Their eras saw prosperity in both economics, trade, and, most importantly, architecture. These architectures still stand among the modernizations surrounding them.

Kathmandu City

Step into the captivating world of Kathmandu, a city that weaves a tapestry of ancient wonders and spiritual sanctuaries. As you wander through its vibrant streets, you'll be enveloped in a harmonious blend of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, each competing for your attention with their architectural marvels.

At the heart of this enchanting metropolis lies a treasure trove of temples, numbering over 3,000—each one a unique masterpiece of design and artistry. Influenced by the distinctive pagoda style, these sacred structures boast intricate etchings on their wooden facades, inviting you to marvel at the craftsmanship of bygone eras.

The Kumari Ghar, Kasthamandap, Nautale Durbar, and the namesake Kasthamandap itself stand as shining examples of this architectural excellence, their timeless beauty is a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage.

But Kathmandu's spiritual allure extends far beyond its temples. Hanuman Dhoka and Shiva Mandir beckon the devout, their shrines radiating an aura of reverence that transcends time and space.

For those seeking a profound connection with the divine, Pashupatinath, an iconic Hindu temple, beckons from the banks of the holy Bagmati River. Flanked by the Panch Deval (Five Temples), Bachhareshwari Temple, and Ram Temple, this sacred site pays homage to Lord Shiva, captivating the senses with its intricate carvings and ancient rituals.

Yet, Kathmandu's spiritual tapestry is not solely woven by Hinduism. The city is home to two of the world's most revered Buddhist holy sites – Swayambhunath and Boudhanath. These majestic stupas, adorned with the watchful eyes of the Buddha and encircled by Mani wheels, stand as serene sentinels, guiding seekers towards enlightenment. Surrounding them are monasteries that echo with the chants of monks, adding to the city's transcendent ambiance.

Whether you seek spiritual solace, cultural immersion, or simply a feast for the senses, Kathmandu beckons with its captivating tapestry of ancient wonders, inviting you to lose yourself in its timeless allure.

Patan City

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Nepal's Kathmandu Valley lies the enchanting Patan Durbar Square, a veritable treasure trove of Newari architecture and cultural heritage. As sunlight gracefully dances on intricately carved temples and pagodas, each corner of this historic square unveils centuries of history and craftsmanship, offering visitors a glimpse into Nepal's rich cultural tapestry.

Wander through the maze-like lanes adorned with colorful prayer flags, where the intoxicating aroma of incense mingles with the melodious strains of traditional music. Here, amidst the bustling streets and serene courtyards, time seems to stand still, inviting visitors to lose themselves in the tranquil beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the heart of Patan Durbar Square stands the majestic Royal Palace, a testament to the grandeur of Nepal's royal past. Adorned with intricate woodcarvings and ornate architectural details, the palace exudes an air of regal splendor that transports visitors back in time.

Surrounding the palace, visitors will discover a plethora of ancient temples and pagodas, each a masterpiece of Newari craftsmanship. From the towering spires of the Krishna Mandir to the intricately carved facade of the Bhimsen Temple, every structure tells a story of devotion and artistic excellence.

But Patan Durbar Square is more than just a collection of architectural marvels—it is a living testament to the vibrant culture and traditions of the Newar community. Explore bustling marketplaces where artisans ply their trade, offering a tantalizing array of handicrafts, textiles, and traditional artworks.

As the sun sets over the Kathmandu Valley, casting a golden glow upon the ancient city, visitors are left with a sense of awe and wonder at the enduring legacy of Patan Durbar Square. In this timeless sanctuary, where past and present converge, every step is a journey through history, inviting visitors to experience the beauty and majesty of Nepal's cultural heritage firsthand.


Bhaktapur City

In the tapestry of Nepal's cultural landscape, Bhaktapur City stands as a shimmering gem, adorned with a unique blend of architectural splendor and natural beauty. Much like its counterparts Kathmandu and Patan, Bhaktapur exudes an air of antiquity and charm, while offering a distinct allure all its own.

With a staggering 172 temples and monasteries scattered throughout the city, Bhaktapur is a veritable treasure trove of religious and cultural landmarks. From the towering spires of the Nyatapola Temple to the ornate intricacies of the 55 Windows Palace, each site tells a story of devotion and artistic excellence, offering visitors a glimpse into Nepal's rich cultural heritage.

Among the highlights of Bhaktapur City is the iconic Golden Gate, a masterpiece of Newari craftsmanship that serves as the entrance to the ancient palace complex. Adorned with intricate carvings and gilded details, this majestic gateway is a testament to the grandeur of Nepal's royal past.

But perhaps the most breathtaking aspect of Bhaktapur is its natural beauty, with snow-capped peaks serving as a stunning backdrop to the city's architectural wonders. From the panoramic views of the Changunarayan Temple to the tranquil surroundings of Nagarkot, visitors are treated to vistas that evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

Nagarkot, in particular, is renowned for its early morning sunrise over the mountain ridges, offering a magical spectacle that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. As the first rays of dawn illuminate the snow-capped peaks, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, visitors are reminded of the timeless beauty and majesty of Nepal's natural landscape.

In Bhaktapur City, where history and nature intertwine in perfect harmony, every step is a journey through time and beauty. Whether exploring ancient temples or marveling at mountain vistas, visitors are sure to be enchanted by the enchanting allure of this historic city.

Price info

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan Tour Package

Duration: Flexible (Customizable)

- Accommodation
- Transportation
- Sightseeing
- Guide services
- Entrance fees (where applicable)
- Other activities as specified

Pricing Per Person (pax):

1. For a single person (1 pax):
   - Cost: $350

2. For a group of 2 to 3 people (2/3 pax):
   - Cost: $260 per person

3. For a group of 4 to 6 people (4/6 pax):
   - Cost: $210 per person

4. For a group of up to 7 people (up to 7 pax):
   - Cost: $180 per person

Additional Information:
- Minimum Participants: 1
- Maximum Participants: 7
- Availability: Year-round
- Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. The exact inclusions and exclusions should be clarified with the tour operator or provider.

Itinerary Details

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Upon your arrival to Kathmandu, a designated individual will greet you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Once all the formalities have been made you will be transferred to your hotel for overnight stay.

Overnight stay at hotel on BB basis.


Day 2: Visit Kathmandu City and Patan city

 Your day begins with a visit to Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the ancient palaces, temples, courtyards, and shrines that reflect the rich architectural and cultural heritage of the city. Don't miss the intricately carved wooden structures and the iconic Taleju Temple.

 Next, you head to Patan Durbar Square, another UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its exquisite Newari architecture. Explore the intricately designed palaces, temples, and shrines, including the famous Krishna Mandir, which is a masterpiece of stone architecture.

 Your exploration continues at Swayambhunath, an ancient Buddhist stupa perched atop a hill overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. As you ascend the stairs, encounter playful monkeys and enjoy panoramic views of the cityscape below. Explore the stupa adorned with prayer flags, colorful prayer wheels, and intricate carvings.

 After a delightful lunch, you proceed to Pashupatinath Temple, one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Witness devotees performing rituals and prayers along the banks of the Bagmati River. Admire the stunning pagoda-style architecture of the temple complex and soak in the spiritual ambiance.

 Your final destination for the day is Boudhanath, one of the largest stupas in Nepal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere as you circumambulate the stupa, spinning prayer wheels and observing monks in meditation. Explore the vibrant surrounding streets lined with Tibetan shops, monasteries, and cafes.

Throughout the day, soak in the vibrant culture, rich history, and spiritual essence of Kathmandu and Patan cities. Capture breathtaking views, interact with locals, and savor the unique flavors of Nepalese cuisine. Your day ends with a sense of awe and appreciation for the timeless wonders of the Kathmandu Valley.

Overnight stay at hotel on BB basis.


Day 3: Visit to Bhaktapur

Day 3 of your sightseeing journey takes you to Bhaktapur City and Nagarkot for a scenic overnight stay.

 Begin your day with a visit to Bhaktapur Durbar Square, yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the ancient royal palace, temples, courtyards, and monuments that showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the Newari artisans. Admire the intricately carved wooden windows, doorways, and sculptures that adorn the historical structures.

 After immersing yourself in the charm of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, venture into the streets of Bhaktapur to discover its numerous temples and shrines. Visit iconic landmarks such as Nyatapola Temple, Bhairavnath Temple, Dattatreya Temple, and the 55-Window Palace. Each temple holds its own significance and architectural beauty, offering insights into the religious and cultural heritage of the city.

 In the late afternoon, depart for Nagarkot, a picturesque hill station renowned for its panoramic views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest on a clear day. Enjoy a scenic drive through lush landscapes and charming villages as you ascend to Nagarkot. Upon arrival, check into your accommodation and unwind amidst the tranquility of the mountains.

 As the evening approaches, head to a vantage point in Nagarkot to witness a breathtaking sunset over the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Watch as the golden hues paint the sky and the mountains glow in the fading light, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave you in awe.

 After capturing unforgettable moments of the sunset, retreat to your hotel or resort in Nagarkot for a cozy overnight stay. Relax and relish the peaceful ambiance, surrounded by nature's beauty and the crisp mountain air.

Day 3 concludes with a sense of serenity and wonder as you bask in the natural splendor of Nagarkot and reflect on the cultural treasures explored in Bhaktapur City. Prepare to wake up to stunning sunrise views before continuing your adventure in the enchanting landscapes of Nepal.

Overnight stay at hotel at Nagarkot on BB basis.


Day 4: Departure

On your final day of exploration, you'll experience the majestic sunrise in Nagarkot before returning to Kathmandu for your departure. Here's how it unfolds:

 Rise early to witness the spectacular sunrise over the Himalayas from Nagarkot. Head to a designated viewpoint or vantage point recommended by your accommodation to catch the first light of dawn illuminating the snow-capped peaks. As the sun paints the sky in vibrant hues, soak in the tranquility and grandeur of the mountain vistas stretching as far as the eye can see.

 After capturing the beauty of the sunrise, return to your hotel for a hearty breakfast. Take your time to savor the meal and reflect on the unforgettable moments of your journey through Nepal. Following breakfast, check out from your accommodation and prepare for the journey back to Kathmandu.

 Upon reaching Kathmandu, you'll have some free time to enjoy at your leisure before your departure. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can explore local markets, indulge in souvenir shopping, visit cultural sites you may have missed, or simply relax at a cafe and soak in the bustling ambiance of the city.

 As per your flight schedule, a designated airport representative will pick you up from your accommodation in Kathmandu and ensure a smooth transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport. Bid farewell to the enchanting land of Nepal with cherished memories and a heart full of experiences.

As you depart, carry with you the essence of Nepal's beauty, culture, and hospitality, knowing that you've embarked on an unforgettable journey filled with adventure and discovery. Until we meet again, may your travels be safe and your memories everlasting.

Meals includes breakfast.


Trip Inclusion

What is included?

  • All airport pickup and drop by private transportation.
  • Kathmandu accommodation 2N –BB Plan.
  • Sightseeing at Bhaktapur valley and 1N accommodation at Nagarkot.
  • Guide service.
  • Entrance fees.

What is not included?

  • Personal expenses,bar bills,tips,travel insurence.
  • International air fare to and from Nepal.
  • Personal travel and health insurance.
  • Emergency evacuation. 
  • Extra expenses due to flight delay, strikes, weather condition or any events which is out of control.
  • Anything not included in Includes column.


All conditions stated in the itinerary are for the visitors who prefer full package programme. At the same time, we also serve you based on your choice. The selection of itineraries and the staff depends on your choice and financial procurement. We have options for any partial visit as per your requirement regarding your interest and financial condition.

Trip Price

US $ 350 per person

Trip Summary

Trip Information

  • Trip Duration : 4 Days and 3 Nights days
  • Best Season : January to June & September to December
  • Country : Nepal
  • Group size : Min 1

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